Similar Users

21 Jun

On OKCupid – on everyone’s profile, they show a list of “similar users” with a reasoning as to how they are different from the user you are looking at.   When @DatingMary of Bad Online Dating Profiles was visiting me for a few days- she mentioned she learns a lot about the person by reading about the similar users.

So -out of curiosity.. I logged into #31’s page, since he is off the market now and I have full control (muah-hahaha!)… I decided to take a looksie at users similar to myself.   I’m surprised, as I anticipated every last one of them to read “more desiring of sex.”

Apparently users similar to myself are:

-More Modern and Less Thrifty…  both of which I don’t understand where that comes from at all.  I feel I am quite modern, and I wouldn’t consider myself thrifty, really..  But how does a website judge that?!

-More Compassionate and More Adventurous..   These ones bug me.  I think in real life, I am overly compassionate.   I also sure enjoy a good adventure.. I just want to be sure I am not going to be shot in the process.

-Less Friendly, More Organized and Kinkier..  all of which totally make sense to me.   I am as friendly as a person can get, and an unorganized disaster most of the time..  and obviously I am appalled by suggestive messages.


I think my similar user’s qualities should actually read: “Won’t drive you nuts.”



2 Responses to “Similar Users”

  1. s4m4nth4x June 21, 2012 at 12:45 am #

    “Won’t drive you nuts.” You made me laugh out loud. I freaking love you.


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