My First Tawkify Phone Date

3 Jul

Yesterday I had my first Tawkify phone conversation with a match.   The two hours leading up to it were nerve-wracking – not so much because of what it was, but I was more or less freaked out that I would actually know the person. (Story of my life, right?)

The call was supposed to begin at 10:00pm, so I nearly jumped out of my pants at 9:00pm when my phone rang.    It was the online dating robot butler, reminding me I had a call in an hour.

10:00pm rolled around, and my phone rang for real.   I pressed “1” to be connected to my match, which at that point,  I only knew his first name, profession and two interests.   (When I found this out, my nerves were calmed, because there was no way I knew him in real life.)

We both said “Hello?”  and introduced ourselves.   I immediately jumped into “Have you ever done this before?”   He had, two other times.   Didn’t really make any sense to me why he was so nervous.   You know when you are so nervous and uncomfortable that words just can’t seem to stop pouring out of your mouth, a mile a minute? ..That was this guy..   It didn’t bother me, because I’ve been there…  but, really, it’s just a phone call – it wasn’t that scary!  So, most of the conversation, I heard a lot about his job, and how he got to his job.  (Yet, I couldn’t explain it in a life or death situation.)

He misheard me when I told him what city I was from, and thought I said “New York.”   (Hint:  I am not in New York, city or state.)   He told me he actually plans on moving there as soon as possible.   Hmm – that stinks because I have no intentions of moving anywhere in the near future.   I corrected him, and explained where I actually live..  turns out he lives an hour and a half drive away.   When it comes to considering dating someone,  distance is definitely a factor – and sadly that’s too far.

I did get his number at the end of the call (despite not wanting to – but I have trouble saying “no” to people when put on the spot..)  and called him back.    If nothing else, more or less I just wanted to know a bit more about him to see, had he lived closer, if he is someone I may have considered meeting up with.   I asked him about a fast food chain that I know is in his area, which is no longer in mine..   I could feel the eyeroll before he informed me that he is a “Foodie” and that’s not what he classifies as good food.   Being a picky eater, this pretty much settles that even if he were close,  it probably wouldn’t work out.

So – Tawkify Phone Date #1 –  not my future husband.   We’ll see next time!

3 Responses to “My First Tawkify Phone Date”

  1. mschick74 July 3, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    How long did it take to get matched up from the time you signed up? Seems like an interesting adventure! 🙂



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