Tawkify PANIC!

26 Jul

Oh My God – Soon2BeCatLady is posting in the morning?!  I know.. I know..  but I am freaking out.

As you probably very well know by now,  I signed up for Tawkify,  which is a pretty nifty website that I totally recommend you check out..  If nothing else, it’s FUN.   My first phone date did not go well – but the second was awesome.

The good news is –  I have been informed that Phone Date #2 has restored my faith in myself and would like to chat again – so it’s in the works for us to have another phone call.  Exciting, right!?   It is possible that phone call could be occurring today – but of course I will keep you all informed through the Twitter and my Facebook page.   (*Shameless self plug*  Haha!)

Anyway –  after a night filled with dreams of a Tawkify blind speed dating conference..  (Go figure..)  I woke up as I normally do to go to my day job.  I always check my online dating profiles to see if I missed anything hilarious overnight.

Last night,  someone who I have met before in real life visited my page.  I don’t think he actually knows who I am, because I understand my memory of people is phenomenal.. but, he was an acquaintance of a friend in high school.   He didn’t send me a message or anything, and I shrugged it off…

….Until I got in the shower…. (Absolutely nothing gross should be implied here.)  The neurons in my brain connected that this person has the same first name as Phone Date…  and the universe tends to do stuff like this to me.   (Granted,  they do have a common name… but still..)  I am freaking out!

..That is all..  just needed to put it out there..  Everyone keep their fingers crossed that this is NOT the case!!

One Response to “Tawkify PANIC!”

  1. Sidney Bristol (@Sidney_Bristol) July 27, 2012 at 4:14 am #

    Oh no…. my luck is that something similar would happen to me!


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