Apparently Not My Type

12 Jul

“Damn you are so beautiful.. I swear i wish i was your type id sure like to know more about you”

The best part about getting a message like this is that I don’t feel the need to look at his page.   He has informed me that he is not my type.   I find this particularly funny for two reasons:

1) I don’t even know what my type is.   I am still trying to figure that out.   All I know for sure is people who send creepy messages are not my type.

b) The profile in which he messaged of mine has pretty minimal information.  If he actually read  the profile,  it states I am looking for someone to mow my lawn, and shovel my driveway..  granted, that is partially a joke.  (It is also partially true.)   So, I take that to mean he would be sipping cocktails watching me cut the grass.  Not happening.

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