Are There “Normal” People Online?

11 Jul

Today, I got a comment on the blog from Mr. DramaFreePaul of 35andonlinedating.   I figured newer readers may have similar thoughts/questions, so I should set the record straight here.  He writes:

 “You seem like a cool gal.  I know you get all these weirdo messages. Do you get nice ones as well?  Have you met any cool people off any of the sites?” 

Well, hello DramaFreePaul!

You are very wise in thinking I seem like a “cool gal.”   I am a cool gal.   Let’s face the facts here:  I am, basically speaking, like a majestic glittery unicorn that has magical powers, who is funnier than Will Ferrell.   Oh, and of course I am also wrapped in bacon.  I am sure you can now understand why my inbox is as flooded as it is. 

do receive nice messages as well.  I don’t tend to blog about those, because that would make my blog rather boring.  It’s quite fun to mention my blog to seemingly “normal” people online, as it miraculously puts them on their best behavior.  I do tell these guys that they are spared from ending up on here provided they stay normal.  I don’t tell everyone about my blog.. but figure it’s important if I am going to meet up with someone so they aren’t blindsided later.

I have also met quite a number of people from online. Most of these real life meetups aren’t comical enough to blog about, with the exception of #31.   I am quite awkward and uncomfortable around people until I know them a little better.   Pretty much anytime I am interested in seeing someone again – they completely stop contacting me, or tell me they aren’t interested.. and anytime I am not interested – They want to see me again. 

Most recently, I met up with Super Hot POF guy,  who is amazingly more attractive in real life than he is on his photos.   I was proud of myself for being way less awkward than I am normally, but – alas, and per the usual – because I am interested.. I haven’t heard back.

But – overall,  I have had pleasant real life experiences, and have even made a few cool new friends (who know who they are.)

Any other questions I can answer for anyone?


One Response to “Are There “Normal” People Online?”

  1. columbuscynic July 12, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    “…Wrapped in bacon….”
    Well, THERE’S the problem….


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