“Wanna Chat?”

20 Jul

I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I should be responding to more of the stupid messages I get, because they make for great stories.  (I will note that this is on my out of town page that I request a big strong man capable of mowing my lawn and shoveling my driveway..)

“Hey wanna chat?”


“About what you want to do on our first date.”

“That’s a little bold, don’t you think?”

“Not really. This is a dating site we are both on”

“Just because two people are on a dating website doesn’t necessarily mean they will date.”

(Especially if they live a handful of states away..)

“You are absolutely correct, but wouldn’t you like to go on a date with an older successful man who can shovel snow and mow lawns or hire mexicans to do either?”

Wow…. I made an executive decision at this point to stop wasting my time, and his for that matter, and didn’t respond.

“I hope I didn’t offend you. You are not mexican are you? I love mexicans, by the way. The truth is we should go on a date because I think you’re very cute.”

I don’t really understand asking people their ethnicity when they have photos of themselves up.  I am practically albino with how pale skinned I am.. there is no need to ask me if I am Mexican, I am clearly not.

I still didn’t respond.. I don’t need to be called fat or ugly when I turn him down, because I certainly am not taking a plane ride to meet this charmer.

“Where have you gone, my little tulip? Where fore art thou?”

Haha – now he thinks he is a master of the English language..  that’s cute.


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