My 2nd Tawkify Phone Date

19 Jul

Wow – my 2nd Tawkify experience was SO much better than the first one!   We actually had a conversation about a very similar interest we have (as well as a few other topics), and the 10 minute conversation went by so unbelievably fast and cut me off mid sentence.

While it’s frustrating, because I totally want to talk to him again –  That’s what I really like about Tawkify that I didn’t get to experience with the first phone call.    The wait.   Was I equally as interesting?  I get to torture myself for the following week, and it will make me feel alive.  While it’s annoying, I am excited about it.

We did spend about a minute talking about OKCupid.   He had said he is on there as well, and we both wondered out loud if we have ever chatted on there before.   He said it would have been pretty awkward if he had messaged me before and I didn’t respond.   I told him “Well, if you wrote ‘Hi, how are you?’  I most likely ignored you.”    He told me I should give him a bit more credit than that because he would have written “You’re hot.”    (I am just assuming he uses proper spelling and grammar.)

So.. more to come on that..


One other thing I wanted to mention, completely off topic..

I work with Velvet, and she came to my desk today and said “I DID IT!”  I looked at her very confused and she continued, “I have an OKCupid date on Friday…. with my 99% ENEMY!”

I am equally as excited about this as she is..  and she has promised to guest blog about it… So – even more reasons to stay tuned!

4 Responses to “My 2nd Tawkify Phone Date”

  1. howtoonlinedate August 2, 2012 at 2:16 am #

    99%? ahhhhh, what do they know anyways?!



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