Blast From the Past

25 Jul

I thank my lucky stars every day that my brain is unbelievably amazing at remembering names and faces.   It has saved me from clicking profiles on numerous occasions.

So, I was on OKCupid, and a different face popped up on my main screen.   I went to click it, and just before I did, I realized that I knew this person.  (Story of my life:  I know EVERYONE.)   It was “the boy next door” from when I was growing up.   We had gotten married in my childhood driveway when we were 5, under the oath of holy macaroni.   I have not seen my former spouse in over 13 years.

I went back and forth with my Twitter followers on whether to block or message.. and I only got feedback to send him a message, so.. I did.

“I am fairly certain you and I never officially got divorced, so I find it a littttttttle offensive that you are on this website. 😉
How the heck are ya?”

A few hours later, he visited my profile..  but, waited a good 12 hours to actually respond.  (Talk about uncomfortable!)

“I’m good. And I have the papers ready for you to sign. You’ve been a terrible wife.  HeyO!   Hope all is well.”

“Truth be told, I went for the annulment years ago.”

So – that was a fun little blast from the past.  It’s been a few days now, so I suspect that is the end of our conversation…  but, glad to know he’s finally over me.  (Haha!)

One Response to “Blast From the Past”

  1. iammarcello July 25, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Great post, good luck with everything. Just read your “about” section, feel free to check out my misadventures in sunny London!


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