Incredible Look

27 Jul

Gotta love OKCupid instant message:

“you look good”


“i mean it tho”

Okay – unless a girl is rejecting your comment – you do not need to specify that it is sincere.  Really, all that did was make me question his sincerity.

“I assumed so much.. most people don’t waste their time with sarcastic remarks regarding looks.”   (Key phrase: most people.)

Things then very quickly became intense:

“i want to be your friend I need your friendship”

“Oh really? Why’s that?”

“well you no you have some rare and incredible look I believe you could be a good person. and i need someone like that”

Okay- for the record – I don’t have some “rare and incredible look.”   That is absolutely ridiculous.  I humored him for a few minutes, and he then gave me his phone number – which I am not going to do anything with and even told him so much.

Later that night, I had a message from him:

“hey you hot Im falling for you ok even if it does not work we could b friend.. falling for you ok…. you look is incredible with a lot of charm …what are your favorite foods?

D’oh is right.


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