Form Letter – Take 2

8 Aug


I messaged you not too long ago, but I’m guessing you got busy, and haven’t had time to respond. Either that, or you’re not interested. I’m not sure which, but I’m still curious if you’d like to chat?”

Guys – if a girl doesn’t respond back within a few days (provided she has been online..)  She is NOT into you, and sending another message – unless it is amazingly clever and witty (and still maybe not..) won’t be changing anything.

This guy’s “Self Summary” part of his profile is a huge rant on how people are SO rude if they don’t respond – which is why I am quite surprised he messaged twice.   I am generally a nice person, but as you all should know by now, I don’t respond to form letters.

What’s even better though is that after his rant about how we shouldn’t be rude and respond, even if to say “No Thanks.”   He then says it pisses him off how people stop responding after awhile,  or delete their profile -and how if the reader plans to do that, don’t bother to respond in the first place.  (Wait.. what?)

I did respond to his message letting him know that my online dating pet peeve is Form Letters, and that’s why he didn’t get a response- and then also a snippet of why I also wasn’t interested.

One Response to “Form Letter – Take 2”

  1. Forty Two (@NativeoutOps) September 3, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    Ok so maybe that was me…. oops. lol


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