Wanted: Desperate Female

9 Aug

Someone got a little cranky that a certain almost Cat Lady didn’t respond when she was checking her messages on her phone, while on a short break at work, and decided to send another message.

“Delete your profile if you don’t have time to talk. Moron.”

Oh my gosh..  GUYS!!!   Why didn’t you tell me I didn’t have to pretend to have a life?!  I didn’t realize totally desperate is what you were looking for – cuz I can DEFINITELY play that card.

From now on,  I am going to sit by the phone, errr.. computer, and anxiously await for your messages, and respond back within 5 seconds so you know I am interested.   However – Don’t immediately respond back to me – I need a man who has a life so that when he is out doing things, I can be playing with my cats.   Deal?!

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