Let’s Cut to the Chase!

15 Aug

Nothing like cutting to the chase with your opening POF message:

“Hi my name is avi and I am in [City]. I an 28. Single 5’4. Would you like to date me?”

I have some words of advice to my dear fan, Avi:

– If the girl you are messaging is listed as half a country away, the answer is probably no, and you probably were wasting your time.

– While being 28 and single is probably a perk,  that is not reason enough to date someone right out of the gate.

– Sentence structure… Go to back to 3rd grade.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.   Seriously,  if you are going to put the bare minimum in a message, and expect it to ever work,  make those 4 “sentences” A+ material.  You know you copied and pasted it, anyway.   You only have to do it right once.

– Putting in your profile that you would like to get married this year is a huge red flag.  I’d advise you eat that idea immediately.

(Notice I didn’t say anything about his height – because I am not a bitch.  Short guys are awesome.. when they are intelligent and don’t want to get married this year.)


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    […] I will go on record to say that this guy is kind-of short..  (Again, nothing against short guys.. As a short girl,  you’re pretty much guaranteed to be taller than me, so height […]


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