Why Tawkify Phone Date #2 Didn’t Work Out

14 Aug

First of all:  Go familiarize yourself with who I easily thought could have been my next boyfriend:  Phone Date 2 and Part 2.

PhoneDate 2 (or PD2 from now on..)  never called, and stopped answering texts.   We never chatted on the phone aside from our first Tawkify phone date, and exchanged a grand total of maybe 15 text messages, if that.

Now, my girls know this – but guys:  This drives us nuts!  Did he find someone else?  Fine.. not a problem.. but could ya TELL me?!    Did he fall off the planet? Did he get into some accident and now has amnesia?   A little closure is always appreciated.

But – because this is what girls do –  I decided I wanted to investigate.   There were only a few minimal things I knew about PD2.  I knew his first (common) name, his age,  the city in which he resides.  I knew what he did as a freelance job, and that he has a dog, and likes rock-climbing.

So, I hopped on good ol’ OKCupid and narrowed my search down to his age,  the distance his place is to mine, and a keyword about his freelance job.  I live in a place that has about 3 million people within a 75 mile span.  A few people popped up,  but – I did manage to find an OKC profile that very well matched PD2.   (Stalker.. I know..)   Said OKC profile also had a link to a freelance business, and sure enough, there PD2’s phone number was.   Bingo.

PD2 – for the record:   ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORABLE.   Our entire life together flashed before my eyes:  the dates, the wedding, the kids…  Okay, I am totally joking about that part.   But I did get excited.   The only part holding me back from planning the wedding is that he wasn’t calling.   I let it sit for a few days.

Then one morning,  I was thinking about the situation… and started feeling like maybe I had looked at his photo for far too long, because I started to feel like I recognized him.  Then even his name sounded recognizable.   My mind had to be playing tricks..  but then my neurons put it together..

I graduated from high school with PD2.

I live in an area with 3 million people, and Tawkify matched me up with one of the 600 people I graduated high school with.   Don’t get me wrong,  I am not upset by any means, just a hilarious coincidence.   In their defense,  I obviously knew of him – but we didn’t know each other well.   And – I still vouch based on our minimal conversation, he was a good pick on their behalf.

Although I wasn’t popular in high school, I was pretty well-known –  I did tend to wave my freak flag quite high.   I can only assume at this point, he got curious too, reverse-searched my telephone number, and went “CatLady!?  Oh HELL no.”   And it’s not like either one of us is going to admit to stalking.

Oh well – Mystery Date this weekend!   PD2 – if you happen to read this – send me a message, it’s cool.

2 Responses to “Why Tawkify Phone Date #2 Didn’t Work Out”

  1. dramafreepaul August 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    I moved away from my hometown after high school/college. I was on POF the other day and I did a search in my hometown of my age and found a couple gals I went to high school with. Who needs Facebook;)



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    […] so you should know that only one of my phone dates really seemed to have any sort of potential, and it didn’t work out.  I still get a little worried that I might actually know the other person on the end of the line, […]


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