That’s Risky.

18 Dec

“Hello there,
I am not really sure about the whole online dating scene but you seem like you’d be fun and who knows. My job keeps me busy so it’s hard to meet good quality people. I do laughing and enjoy making others laugh as well…I like your laid back and honest approach; you seem to have a good heart and head upon your shoulders, so I wanted to say hi and introduce myself…

As for me well I’m a midget, so doesn’t leave me many options but I’m sure in time you will learn to love me; Don’t assume that just because I’m short (3’5) that I can’t bring much to the table. Even if the truth were told and the only six pack I have is that of Heineken that resides in my Fridge, but I am working on it.

Honestly, I’m single 39 years old, 5’9 172lbs and Fit. I work hard and I play hard, but do enjoy downtime too, a good movie or book and I’m a happy camper. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and always up for adventure. When I’m not knocking over liquor store or stealing candy from babies, I’m usually and about and enjoying the day or eve somewhere… I am truly looking for a good lady who wants a true relationship that is fun and sees where it leads….”

Really?  You’re dealing me a form letter and pretending to be a midget?  What if someone in my family was a midget, or my best friend?.. (Not Velvet, of course.. we’ve already established that she’s 9 feet tall.)   I’m just saying,  that’s a risky move.

However.. I will go on record to say that this guy is kind-of short..  (Again, nothing against short guys.. As a short girl,  you’re pretty much guaranteed to be taller than me, so height isn’t an issue with me..)  and maybe this is his way of getting someone to overlook it.  “Well, at least he isn’t a midget..” ??

I don’t know..  I got nothing.  What do you think?

(Also.. how does one “do” laughing?)

5 Responses to “That’s Risky.”

  1. dsantos85 December 18, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    oh geez! that’s awful. it’s basically like he’s making fun of midgets (or at least that’s how i took it).


  2. iammarcello December 18, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Ah yes “I work hard and I play hard, but do enjoy downtime too, a good movie or book and I’m a happy camper” – again someone who enjoys going out as well as staying in. A keeper.


    • Taylor December 19, 2012 at 2:57 am #

      Sounds like he’s in government. A whole lot about nothing. A lot of words but what is he really saying? Mumble jumble.


  3. runesandrhinestones December 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Well, I think he’s short for a guy but my biggest thing here is the fact that he implies that being a midget is bad so that he can go “Wahey, just joking, I’m not short, isn’t that great?” Plus stealing candy from babies? Old hat sir.


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