What a Stupid Question.

11 Sep

I promise you all that I am way hotter in your head than I am in real life.

“Hey does it turn you on knowing I’d love to get you naked?”

Honestly, guys..  there is no reason to ask this question.   The answer is “No.”    Unless you are Ryan Reynolds,  Adam Levine, or someone insanely attractive and famous.   ​  Random stranger on the internet, you are one of many who would love to get me (and any other female internet dating) naked.   You’re wired to want to put your stick in to just about everything… something of which I personally will never understand.  In my defense, you will also probably never understand my quest for emotional attachment.  (I am not talking to ALL guys here.. I am talking about the ones who clearly want to have sex with anything with boobs.)

Once again, I will remind you all that OKCupid is not the avenue for this kind of stuff, as a general rule.    Try Adult Friend Finder.. Really, though, if you want to get in a girl’s pants.. you gotta woo her.  Try it sometime.

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