Conversation Starters

15 Sep

Geez – the 23 year olds must be on the prowl this week!   I got a message from a 23 year old who’s ideal first date would be “Laser tag, duh.”

“Seedless watermelon, how do they do it!?”

Well – great question.. Ask the Google – how am I supposed to know?

However, his message did make me laugh… and at least it beats “Hey, whats up?” which drives me nuts.   But, alas, I know not the answer he seeks.

“Do I look like a seedless watermelon expert to you?”

I have yet to hear back.  He has the right idea, though.

Everyone online dating is fine, and if they aren’t fine or great – you probably don’t want to know.   Getting someone talking about something is a great way to get the conversation started.  Preferably something they might know a little bit about.. shots in the dark won’t necessarily work in your favor.

Mmm… Seedless watermelon…  I gotta go.

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