Let’s Talk about Twitter

16 Sep

I freaking love the Twitter..   You learn so much more about a person through what they tweet about, and how they interact with the world in 140 characters than you do reading a bio.   The bio on OKCupid (or POF) is someone awkwardly sitting at their computer, trying to dig deep into themselves to put their best foot forward.   People on Twitter (well, active users anyway..)  talk and converse about interesting things.  And there’s no pressure.

I would like to propose the concept of finding someone who fascinates you, who you don’t get to see a lot of pictures of.   I have two pretty big Twitter crushes (one slightly more prominent than the other), and sadly these guys are not in my area..   but, even so, I know that I’d be very comfortable meeting up with them.  (As well as a few others on Twitter that I am not Twitter-crushing on. – And for those of you who follow my Twitter closely, I will not be confirming or denying anything…)

I think OKCupid should have an option to allow your twitter feed to show on your profile.   (Granted –  for me – I’d have to use my personal Twitter to stay anonymous, and that one is not nearly as fun as my CatLady Twitter..)

Here’s an example:   Those of you who closely follow my Twitter know who I consider to be my Twitter boyfriend.  (Those of you who don’t will just have to follow me on Twitter.)  I have had the opportunity to see his OKCupid profile, and of course, I follow him on Twitter as well.    His OKC profile gives a nice summary of things he finds interesting, but based on his Twitter account – I know that he is passionate about programming.  He could easily write on his profile that he is passionate about programming, but his Twitter account makes me understand the passion.  (He does it for work, and for fun on the weekends.)

If I didn’t follow him on Twitter, I wouldn’t know that he orders out for every meal of the day, and I certainly wouldn’t know how easy it is to make him digitally squirm.  (Teeheehee!)  If his Twitter feed were on his OKCupid profile,  someone interested would be able to grasp a bit more of his personality, and maybe understand that he will spend a lot of time being a nerdy programmer.  Certainly would save a girl lot of time if that would be a deal-breaker.

I have always said I’m more apt to find a boyfriend via Twitter than an online dating website.    (Too bad he lives so far away… haha!  Kidding, Twitter Boyfriend..)

So – anyway…  OKCupid – you are welcome for my genius idea.


2 Responses to “Let’s Talk about Twitter”

  1. M September 16, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    I’ve thought about putting a link to my Twitter on profiles. I’ve seen a lot of women do it. My reasonsing being; it does give people a better insight into how my mind works, when I’m not trying to write something to make a woman’s heart melt into sending me an expression of interest or favouriting me AND wanting me to know about it. It shows off my actual sense of humour and probably some bad points too.

    The social aspect of Twitter is in so many ways easier than the line-em-up and pick the one you like nature of dating sites. As creepy as it sounds, you can get to know someone better, because it’s less formal. Just ask Anthony Weiner’s followers.


  2. butimbeautiful September 23, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    I’ve never got Twitter. It seems sort of boring and it takes up time I could be spending, hmm, sleeping. But you seem to have it worked out – well done!


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