Flowery and Complimentary

18 Sep

“Normally when I write someone i try to be all flowery and complimentary, but you have a snake in one of your pictures. it freaked me out. Thought that was something that you needed to know.”

Uhh…. Thank you?

Actually, if this guy lived anywhere in proximity to me, I probably would have responded to this message..    It did make me laugh.   But – only going with a message based on pictures is not the brightest idea.

Guys – in a first message – you don’t need to tell a girl you find her attractive.  That’s a given because you messaged her.. (Well, most of the time, anyway..)   Again, go with the conversation and keep her engaged..  that will indicate to her that if she agrees to meet up with you,  you guys will have something to talk about!

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