Dis-Interest Implied?

6 Oct

Despite that my profile specifically says:  “If you strictly ask me how I am, do not expect a response..”    I got this message:

“Hey I’m [Name].  How are you?”

Now – Like I have said time and again, and even on my POF profile..  I won’t respond.   However,  the face that showed up attached to the message was someone I went to elementary, middle and high school with.

“I went to school with you, [Name].”

“I was gonna ask that.  You look familiar.  How are you?”

Now not answering how I was seemed rude.. and, I at least try to be nice when it involves people I know in real life.

“Fine.  Yourself?”

“I’m good.”

Awesome!   A chance to let the conversation die at that..  I didn’t respond for lack of anything to respond to.  But, alas..

“What are you looking for on here?”

“Nothing.  This site is a meat market.”

“What you mean?”

“Exactly what I said.”

(Good Lord.. I mean POF is a meat market.)

“Well do you want to get to know me?”

Now, flat out “no” is just bitchy.. so I figured I’d try the easy approach first..

“I already know you.. I have known you for years.”

“How do you know me?  We never talked haha”

“Bullshit.  I talked to you on the school bus almost every day.”

“That was like 9 10 years ago tho”

I get that people change and all that, but I think we hold true to who we are for the most part.  I never had anything against this dude, but certainly was never attracted to him – and already he isn’t impressing me on POF..   So, once again, I didn’t respond, hoping the conversation would fizzle.   Wrong again.

“Are you thinking I am someone else?  I’m confused.”

“No.  I know who you are.  You went to [Elementary School] and you lived right down the road from me.  You graduated from high school in [Year].”

“Oh ok.  Well we should hang out again.”

I took this as another opportunity not to respond.   If a girl isn’t responding favorably, or at all…  She isn’t going to hang out with you.

“If you want”

I didn’t and don’t want.. so I didn’t respond.

“You should call me sometime ***-***-****”

“I don’t really do the phone thing.”

(Which is bullshit.. but me just trying my best to be as nice as possible about it.)

“Oh how come?”

Once again,  I didn’t feel this really warranted a response..  So the message went ignored.

“So do you want to hang out sometime?”

After showing this to Velvet a few hours later, she told me that I needed to be a bit more bitchy.    My response wasn’t bitchy enough for Velvet.. but.. baby steps..

“Not really.”

Guys –  unless a girl truly is a bitch, she doesn’t want to be.   If she isn’t responding in a way to keep the conversation going (like only answering your questions, not asking any of her own..)  or isn’t responding at all… Take a freaking hint already!    Do you really want someone who you have to “win over” anyway?




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