Moderating for OKCupid

5 Oct

I mentioned a long time ago that #31 allows me to log onto his OKCupid account and moderate for them.   I am actually quite offended that my personal OKC page has not been invited to do so, as Velvet has already been asked to join the ranks.. but whatever.

It’s not as glamorous as one would think –  most of the reports in question are photos, or scam-ful profiles… every now and again there is a diamond in the rough – which usually finds a way onto my blog in some way, shape or form.

I decided to write about this because someone reported a message they received that said:

“Hello.  How are you?”

Now – I hate this message more than anyone, and you all probably know that by now.  I can’t respond to that.   People who send these messages are wasting my time.   BUT – the person reporting the message commented something along the lines of “Google search this paragraph and you will see that it’s a common online dating scam.”    ….

OKCupid has guidelines for Moderators to follow..  Messages in question are to be deleted if:

  • • Threats or harassment
  • • Hate speech
  • • Crude, overt sexual remarks
  • • Commercial solicitations

Sorry, whistle blower…  I am not voting to delete someone because they asked how you are.  Don’t respond – that’s what I do.

Moderators should vote a picture be deleted if:

  • • Not a photo of the user (e.g. pets, cars, artwork, etc.)
  • • Full nudity
  • • Extreme close ups (e.g. tattoos, eyes, etc.)
  • • Childhood photos

(They also list that pretty much anything goes in the picture category (sans nudity) for a local broadcast..  Most moderators don’t realize that the top of the report will say “LOCAL BROADCAST” if that’s what it is – so a lot of mods keep the “pussy” pics around, because they think it’s a local broadcast..)

What kills me though is this:   Someone reports a photo because it’s strictly of a man’s torso.. (And the only photo featuring any part of said person..)   And moderators are voting it “No Violation.”   To me,  if I couldn’t hold the pic up next to you and know for sure it was you – it’s an extreme closeup.   – Am I wrong?   ..Or could you pick out a girl based on her OKC profile pic of her feet in sand? …You know I have a point.

Anyway-  just thought I would share..  Since I am still going back and forth with someone that could very easily be tomorrow’s post.   Heeheehee!

6 Responses to “Moderating for OKCupid”

  1. nicofdarcyshire October 7, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    I’ve just been invited to moderate… Ha!


  2. EvenAGhostHasASanctuary May 17, 2016 at 2:17 am #

    I’ve reported a torso before. It wasn’t even a whole torso, just the side of one. I thought it was an even less innocent image of an ass, so my report text probably seemed ridiculous by talking about someone posting their ass…

    I haven’t been on OKC for months but last summer I remember reporting a bunch of profiles for having their main image of the Kpop star Siwon (from Super Junior).

    I had so much free time last summer, I would have been a good moderator. 😮


    I’ve been binge reading for the last two days now so this blog post is super old.

    If it is okay to ask something unrelated…….do you really believe it it a numbers game for guys? Or could it be that maybe they just start off messaging the hottest women and gradually lower themselves to an acceptable level of attractiveness based on their own level?

    Do you think there so many angry guys, who seem to have given up judging by the messages they send, because they can’t attract the hottest women?

    If they messaged women of their own level in a normal way do you think these guys would have a better response rate?

    Women spend tonnes of money on products and treatments and try to live up to impossible standards (we have to be thin, but “curvy,” perfect skin and hair, not allowed to age past 30, etc), just to be told you are never good enough. Women in general are more attractive than men because of effort/societal pressure, which kind of seems to make online dating more beneficial for women than men. And, of course, women are still viewed as things to obtain…

    Everyone is shallow, and it seems a lot of people (men and women) are unrealistic in what they are looking for. Why don’t more people put effort into making themselves more attractive if they want to date people who are much hotter than they are? I see a lot of guys (online commenting on blogs and articles) who are angry because they don’t think they should have to put effort. IRL I have had female friends who are like that. They -can’t- be attracted to people who are less than hot, but they don’t attract those types, and refuse to put effort into looking more attractive. They become bitter and hateful towards women who are popular with guys. But towards the men they begin to admire them even more.

    How much effort should someone put into pursuing people (based on attractiveness, age, location, etc) they believe they can get before they realize it is futile?

    What do you think when people say they can’t change who they are attracted to? Do you really believe that’s true?


    • Soon2BeCatLady May 17, 2016 at 2:28 am #

      Holy moley! What’s your email address?


    • Soon2BeCatLady May 17, 2016 at 2:28 am #

      Nvm.. It was sent to my email..
      I’ll send you an email in the next couple days!


      • EvenAGhostHasASanctuary May 17, 2016 at 7:21 am #

        Thanks. 😮

        Take your time~


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