13 Nov

Although it’s an uncommon occurrence,  the normal messages in my inbox are outweighing the crazy ones.   It must be close to the holidays – people are getting serious.  (That is not a complaint by any means..)  So, due to a lack of entertaining messages in my inbox, I hope you don’t mind me taking this time to babble at you for a few minutes.

(Of course as I sit down to type this, I get a message: “I want to mount you.”  Apparently I spoke too soon..)

A few things going on lately have caused me to think more about how I think technology is breaking us.   Does it ever just boggle your mind how your parents and grandparents managed to find one another and actually fall in love?   We have the entire world of people at our finger tips and somehow it’s more difficult.

I’m not saying this is my end all opinion on the matter, but perhaps we have too many choices.   Are we allowing ourselves to be overly picky?   I am fascinated that anyone could leave a first date and be certain that they don’t want to know any more.  (The only exception being “Two words:  He Meowed.” or something equally as crazy.. because that I can understand.)

We’re taught from a young age to not judge a book by it’s cover.. but the more I think about it – you shouldn’t judge a book by the first couple of pages, either.  Very rarely do the first few pages leave you definitely wanting more – it’s when you dig in deeper that you get hooked.. (if you’re going to.)   What if you just happened to open the book to a dark moment?  Or a moment where Grandma was allowed to read too?   I don’t know about you, but I personally have probably a million chapters in my book.  Some longer than others, and I think I can honestly say that there is no one in my life that has experienced every chapter.  (Myself included.)  

I’m not really sure where I am/was going with this.. but it feels good to talk to you about it.   Thanks for hearing me out.


In other news:  Velvet and I will be pod-casting it up on Wednesday,  November 14th at 11:00pm EST.   Hope you can join us!



3 Responses to “Babble”

  1. kellig November 13, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    i absolutely agree with teh too many choices thing. in everything. from guys/gals to toothpaste and 409. everything comes i a seemingly endless array of choices. i am so relieved anymore when i find something that comes in a single choice. its a relief not to have to make a decision. simplify.


  2. Arinn November 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    this makes total sense! especially with online dating, it’s really easy to think that there’s someone cool out there just waiting to blow you away, and so you discount the rad person right in front of you cause they’re not perfect.


  3. Pam Cameron November 19, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    I read about a study where people were asked to choose a flavor of jelly. The first group only had a few to choose from and the second group had quite a few choices. In the end, the group who only had a few to choose from were happier with their choice.

    Another study I read said that men who lived in small, rural areas reported being more satisfied with their wives than men who lived in urban areas. The thinking is that the men with more perceived options were constantly thinking that they “could have done better.”


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