Kids and Online Dating

16 Nov

Can we be real for a minute, here?

Guys –  Why would you think posting a picture of you with a kid is a good idea?   First of all,  any girl looking at it will immediately conclude the child is yours.   (And especially if the kid in the picture appears to be under a day old, I am steering clear..)  Obviously, if the child is yours,  I get it..  still a dumb idea, in my opinion.. But, whatever.

What about those of you who post pictures of you with your nieces or nephews?  …Do you know their mother (your sibling) will probably lose her shit when she finds out you have her pride and joy on a dating website for all us wackos to see?     (…I think that could even be illegal…)

But CatLady..  how do I express that I like kids if I don’t show you myself interacting with them?!   Why not write that you love spending time with your nieces and nephews?  Or, more specifically “I love watching THE WIGGLES with my nieces and nephews.”   That, to me,  would say you get kid stuff.

Babies are chick-magnets.. Totally..  just not online.  If you want that magic to work, you got to take them out in public so they can do your flirting for you..  and, as you know, you play up that the baby get’s all his or her charm from Uncle [Insert Your Name Here].    (And personally, if you then starting singing “Elmo Song”,  I will turn to putty in an instant.)


2 Responses to “Kids and Online Dating”

  1. smoothreentry November 16, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    I’m not sure that that would be a turn-off for a divorced mother of 3. Maybe for the never married it is a bad thing. I agree young babies that might belong to the profile owner is a red flag.

    Am I wrong?


  2. #31 January 7, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

    I would never have a picture of my offspring on a dating site. Her arm was in one once…that’s as close as I get.


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