Slice of Creepy

18 Jan

So, I will now confess that you all missed my birthday.  (It’s okay, I didn’t alert the media.. this was intentional.)    And – prior to the date itself,  OKCupid had decided to make me older early.  I was a little thrown off by this, double checked my settings and they had my birthday right, so I am not quite sure what was up with that.   I decided I had better update my profile, since I had a few days before turning older than older than fuck.

My profile then said something about me not actually being the age it said, because my birthday was [date] and OKCupid must think I act a few days older.

The day before I blew out the candles, I got a message from someone who visits my OKCupid page quite regularly but has never sent a message.   And – before I share with you what it said,  I want to let you know that his picture gives me the heebie-jeebies.   He has crazy eyes, and in the words of Velvet, “It looks like he wants to wear your skin as a fur coat.”    He’s probably a nice guy — but, again, my gut is not a fan.

“Happy birthday even if its not till tomorrow.”

Now – of course, that is a very nice message – and since I did publicly display it on my profile,  it would have been really bitchy to not say thank you..

“Thanks. :)”

His response STILL makes my skin crawl:

“I know you don’t me but sometimes someone who doesn’t know you can be the one to care the most.”

It may not have creeped me out AS much if he wasn’t a frequent visitor of my profile.. because then I could have taken it innocently..  but, I just can’t.  Again, it makes my skin crawl.

Lucky for me, I am a well-loved member of society.  As much as this dude thinks he cares about me, I know for a fact there are several that love me more.  It took me a couple days, but I finally responded:

“I assure you that’s not the case.”

He responded a mere “Ok.”   and that was that.   This type of idea in a message to someone is only acceptable if you know them, and have known them a long time… and even then,  if you aren’t in a long-term relationship, it might be pushing it.

It still creeps me out.

One Response to “Slice of Creepy”

  1. datinginvegas January 21, 2013 at 5:38 am #

    I would always go with my gut. Still at least you’re appreciated from a far 🙂 I’d just keep it far….


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