Fresh Meat

28 Nov

I had not planned on blogging today, as it is Thanksgiving (for the USA-ers..) but since I hopped on to OKCupid and saw this in the activity feed — and it IS Thanksgiving —  I figured it was worth a share.

This guy’s profile makes it very clear that he is a chef of some sort, as that is basically all he talks about.  But I got a kick out of this line:

“I love fresh ingredients.  If someone brings them to me, I will respect them and cook them for you.”

Which, of course, instantly made me think: “What if you have a disobedient avocado?”

After a lot more cooking talk, he ends his profile with “You should not message me if you’re a vegan.  I ❤ pork.”   I don’t recall vegans having anything against people who less-than-three pork..  I totally understand that he probably wouldn’t end up with someone who doesn’t eat meat.. but, throwing in “I love fresh meat!” would probably do the trick. 😉   (Haha.. even though I’d advise against that too!)

Hope you all have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving.

One Response to “Fresh Meat”

  1. Christopher March 29, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    I believe the comment about not wanting a vegan as he loved pork was a double entendre…


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