Underwear Shopping?!

12 Apr

“I need a sexy girl’s opinion to go underwear shopping with me while I’m in [city].”


“so no go?”

“I am confused as to why you require assistance with such things.”

“hah I need to get some sexy undies with a sexy females approval”

“It still doesn’t make sense.. not like you can try on underwear at the store.”

“haha yeah i know…”

“So again I am not sure what kind of assistance anyone could provide.”

“Help me pick some out harmless…unless you wanted me to try them on for you>?”

“I am sure you are quite capable of doing this on your own.”

He gave up on me after that statement.   It still boggles my mind that this actually went through a dude’s mind as a good idea.   Even in a joking manner, someone thought this was a good idea.  Someone, please, explain this to me.  Literally explain it.   I just don’t understand why someone would think that sort of solicitation is acceptable.

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