9 Mar

So, I introduced you a little bit to #31 on my blog entry about my lovely speed dating experience.  I told you that you would be hearing more about him, and I don’t make promises I don’t intend to keep.   He DOES know that this blog entry was to come about, and did get his permission about it – just so you don’t think I am a cruel bitch.  I’m really not, I do tend to be quite reasonable.

#31 and I met on OKCupid at the end of November.   He sent me a message – which he has since used as a template when messaging other girls.. Right off the bat, #31 came with a deal-breaker.  He has a child.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids!  I really want to have kids also,, but, I don’t really feel I am in the place to date someone who has one.  I was upfront with him right away that I wasn’t 100% sure on how I felt about that- and he was very respectable about it.

After the pre-screening process that we all do in online dating, or at least should do, we decided to meet up for drinks.  Granted it was months ago, but I recall us having a nice time.  We had exchanged full names prior to the meet-up and he had asked me if I had background checked him.   I actually did not.  He apparently did background check me though and brought up an expired license plate tab ticket I had received a few years ago.  (Although I feel it’s pretty normal – in his defense, he did say he had once met up with a girl who did have a warrant out for her arrest.. which he may have found out the hard way..)

We talked about our mutual favorite TV show,  I demanded he watch my 2nd favorite show, The Big Bang Theory (to which is now a favorite of his as well..)  and we both expressed that we REALLY wanted to go see “The Muppets.”   We would have went that night if there had been anymore showings.  Instead, we gave each other a hug and parted ways.

The next night, he had sent me a text message stating he was hungry and close by my neighborhood.   I went to meet up – and if I hadn’t been awkward the first time we met (I assure you I was, I just don’t remember specifics..)  I DEFINITELY was this time.   A second meet-up in two days – I didn’t want that to mean anything that it shouldn’t.   I had already had dinner, so I had a soda, and wouldn’t allow him to pay for it.   When he walked me to my car, I extended my arm out as far as it would go for a goodbye handshake.  (And also in the most awkward way possible.)   He made some comment along the lines of “Fine, you can’t have a hug goodbye, then.”  and I then went in for the hug.   He may have moved away, and I may or may not have fell over.

Surprisingly enough,  we made plans to go see “The Muppets” and did so about a week later.  We high-fived during the “Are you a Man or a Muppet?” scene when Jim Parsons (or Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory) made a cameo.

The 4th time we hung out was at my house.  I ordered a pizza and we watched The Big Bang Theory.  For those of you familiar with the characters, it was the episode of Howard and Bernadette’s 3rd date.   Bernadette says to Howard, “I know what the 3rd date generally means… sex.”   Suddenly things, at least for me, got really uncomfortable FAST.  I was literally mortified, and could have died on the spot.  #31 turns to me and says, “By the way, I am sorry I haven’t made the first move yet..” He then reached his hand across my couch and continued, “We could hold hands if you want, I’m just sayin’.. it’s right here.”   Still just incredibly mortified, I responded “Nah, I’m alright.”

The fact that #31 ever talked to me again after that still just floors me.  He proves that there are good guys out there.  (And I am pretty sure every girl reading this is probably yelling at their screen right now, telling me I am a moron for not snatching this one up.)

We did go out a few more times, and mutually decided it really wasn’t a good fit –  however, after the fact, #31 told me he never considered our dates actual dates.  But, as previously stated, we have become good friends – and if we both can’t find anyone better by the time we’re 40 – we’ll probably get married.   In the meantime, to ensure that doesn’t happen – I am in control of his OKC page, and I am on the hunt for an awesome girl for him.

#31 – did I leave anything out?

9 Responses to “#31”

  1. J March 9, 2012 at 2:07 am #

    I was not yelling at the screen to snatch him up – but probably only because I had a lengthy speed dating experience with him and he INSISTED we speak about poop just to make me uncomfortable.



    • Soon2BeCatLady March 9, 2012 at 4:24 am #



    • #31 March 9, 2012 at 5:35 am #

      Says the girl who claims to be open tot talking about anything. I found your limit and I exploited it. 🙂


      • J March 9, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

        I can talk about anything that’s not poop. That is the only place I draw the line.


  2. kellig April 22, 2012 at 5:08 am #

    I love this post. It shows that u can meet normal people, and you can make friends.



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