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Green Card Husband?

5 Apr

The online dating weirdos just follow me wherever I go.  I can’t escape them!  The latest comes from a Facebook message from Jamshed,  who’s location keeps changing.  At the time I am writing this, he’s from Mumbai.  I also believe that he doesn’t understand the concept of time difference because I received a message from him at 11pm in the evening:


It also had my name on it, so I guess bonus points for a little bit of effort?  I don’t believe for one moment that this photo is actually of Jamshed, but notice the gentleman in the photo, if you will.  He’s wearing a wedding ring.

“What would your wife think, Jamshed?”

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Being Offensive on Tinder

8 Nov

I’m going to put on my psychologist hat for half a second, and presume that the boy that sent these messages really was looking forward to me flipping out on him.   I must have ruined his entire evening when I did not.

“Your first photo makes me one to crank one out into your mouth and all over your face.  Then have you make me a sandwich and I’ll eat it and go home.”

I really can’t imagine someone sends something like that and expects it to happen.  I decided to play along.

“That sounds like an excellent plan.  When works for you?”

“Actually just looked at your other pics and changed my mind!  I can send a couple black guys over to do it for me”

I don’t know if there was some hidden meaning in there I should have caught that should have been offensive towards me?  I was still going to play along and not go according to his plan of me freaking out.

“Even better!”

“Like anal?  You strike me as a girl who takes it in the servants entrance”

“Oh yeah, all the time.”

“Let them blow loads up your ass?”

“Why not?  ..But only on Wednesdays!”

..And then he gave up and blocked me.  Screen shots for the win!

What an asshole, though.  Some people don’t deserve clean air.


22 Feb

I am probably going to get some hate for this one.. but hear me out:   I have been on OKCupid for almost 3 years now.  A few days ago, out of sheer curiosity (and social experimentation for the blog, of course)  I added “Casual Sex” to my “Looking For’ list.   Creeps (and non creeps) are coming out of the woodwork.  My internet leg has been constantly humped over the last 36 hours.  And, definitely more to come on this!

“Hi! I am [Name], i am a fun outgoing smart ass ha. I loved your profile. Not only are you pretty,but you seem genuine, and that’s hard to find on a dating site. I am sure you get a ton of messages a day. So if you could just message me when you have some free time that would be cool.
I hope the site hadn’t discouraged you too much. Anyways I would love to get to know you. How was your day?”

Now..  if you’ve read me before – I make it a point not to respond to messages that could have been copied and pasted.  I also mention this in my profile.   So, that, along with this guy says he is a smart ass.. I felt like I could be a smart ass back..  If he was worth knowing, he’d probably laugh about it:

“Thank you for your form letter. Please know that the time you took to copy and paste is very much appreciated. Hope you are having a great day!”

“Copy and paste? Are you serious? Wow have some issues with the site to accuse me? That was me. But I take it back. You obviously aren’t genuine”

I obviously pushed a button, because not even 30 seconds after receiving his defensive response:

“Wow why did I even message you. Look at me. Then look at u. Lol. Yeah that’s not a good match”

“And now I know how you handle some push back.
I think you should reconsider considering yourself a smart ass.. I clearly have you beat in that arena. Best of luck to you.”

“You clearly have me beat in the waist line too”

“Is that supposed to hurt my feelings or something?”

“Hey if you are proud. Just go with it”

“I am just curious at what you are trying to accomplish by telling me I’m fat?”

“Ha conversation over. I won. Bye”

“I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Have a nice day.”

“You got all hot and bothered ha”

“Not at all..  If that’s how you “win” conversations… There was no contest from the start.”

I honestly don’t know how one would “win” a conversation.

“Damn you are still talking? U got served”

“Oh.. Good.  My expanding waistline could use a serving.”

..And he didn’t respond after that one.. So.. I guess I won?

If you can’t take online dating with a grain of salt, and have to resort to name-calling and/or “bullying”..  You should reconsider online dating as a source of meeting people.