Your Mom

15 Sep

A good rule of thumb when it comes to online dating is:  Never send a message that you wouldn’t be comfortable showing your mother.

“hey whats up? do you want to have bareback sex with me?”

Oh gee, can I!?  I should be used to stupid messages by now, but it still floors me that a good chunk of people on the internet find this behavior acceptable.  Don’t they have parents?

“What would your mother think of the message you sent me?”

“never thought about it”

“Go ask her.”

“thatd be awkward”

He never did report back.  I can only hope his mother talked some sense into him.


My Spirit Animal

13 Sep

A few days ago, I received a comment from a reader suggesting that I share some good online dating stories here as well, so that my fellow females can not totally lose hope in online dating.  I knocked him down by saying I don’t and won’t do that, mainly because those interactions are boring.

Naturally, only two short days later, I had a good online dating interaction that I found blog-worthy.    (And – double shock –  It’s from TINDER!)

“What would you say your spirit animal is?”

“I would have to go with a penguin.”   

(I went with a penguin because I feel if I were to be an animal, I’d probably be a penguin.   After further research on the matter, according to my birth date and year, apparently my spirit animal is an aardvark – for any of you collecting Fun Cat Lady Facts.)

“Bluegill sunfish here.”

“Nice!  Wait..  I think that means my spirit animal would eat your spirit animal..”

“How could I convince you to spare my life?”

“You’re in luck, I’m not a big fan of seafood.”

“Haha!  What a relief!”


The only real downside to this interaction was that I think he was merely just visiting my area, as Tinder now shows him as quite far away.

See ladies, not all the guys online dating are weirdos.  (However, if you’ve been online dating, you probably already knew that.)


Too Much Information

10 Sep

“well hi, name my is [Name}, you are absolutely beautiful . I am 30, going back to school for Networking Administration, adding to my 4 year degree public health degree, I graduated from [College] in [City}, in 2007 working at [Place] and [Place] at the moment, and i own my own townhouse in [City], i would love to chat with you and learn more about you :)
things i like, star trek, cuddling, pizza, computers.
what about you?
i hope to hear from you

When your FIRST form letter doesn’t get a response.. Wait a few days and send the new and improved,  EXTENDED version  (my favorite parts are underlined):

“Well hi, My name is [Name], you are absolutely beautiful . I am 30, going back to school for Networking Administration about half done, adding to my 4 year public health degree, I graduated from [College] in [City] in 2007 working at [Place] and [Totally Different Place Than Last Form Letter] at the moment, and i own my own townhouse in [City], i would love to chat with you and learn more about you :)
things i like, star trek, cuddling, pizza, computers, intelligent conversation
i am not looking for a one night thing, unlike it seems most guys out there, i never enjoyed that, nor have i ever done that. i am trying to overcome the large stigma of online dating “guys”… so i am being open and honest. I am interested in your heart and your mind. Those are the things that matter…
tell me more about yourself, i am a chatterbug and love a good stimulating conversation :) try me :)
a little more about me :)
I was born an extreme premature, 24 week… i was 1.3 pounds. 1% survival chance, eye and lunch damage due to the high O2 environment of the forced respiration. Got my name in the NICU neonatal intensive care unit, the nurses called me [Name plus biblical story], thus i always had [animals] as a baby, stuffed animals and such. in and out of the hospital for about 3 years. started kindergarten at 6 instead of 5. i am an only child… grew up in [cities listed] area. my mom and dad got divorced when i was about 3. graduated from high school in 2003. then when to [College] in [city], from 2003-2007. dated emily for almost 2 years. graduated with a public health degree in dec 2007. lived at home after college, started dating holly from late 2008 to mid 2012…. bought my townhouse in [city] for $37,500 in late 2011. started dating sarah from late 2012 to march 2014… started back to school for networking administration in january 2014… now starting my second semester, very excited, loving school :)
so thats me in VERY small nutshell  (that’s what she said?)  :) i hope that wasnt too long lol and that it was somewhat interesting to read
i hope to hear from you

Underlined is what I consider far too much information.  Why would you give your dating history in a “first” message?!    And that is allegedly only a small nugget of information?   I’m already bored and we haven’t gone out!

..He did get a good deal on his town home though..


8 Sep

It just never ends, does it?

Today’s interaction is with a 22 year old male, who apparently doesn’t have a head.  Just a torso.  It appears as though he has probably been working out for about a month or so.. slightly defined, but nothing he should be bragging about.

“Into younger guys?”

“I’m not sure what you mean by that question.”

“I mean do you want a sexy athletic 22 year old to fuck your brains out or not?”

“Why would I want that from someone I don’t know?”

“because I’m insanely attractive  and it would feel so good.”

“I’ve not fucked many ‘insanely attractive’ guys that I DO know.  Your logic stands to no reason.”

“Before you insult my logic reread your sentence and try to type coherent.  Your logic is nonexistent”

I had a few moments of self doubt after reading that message..  But, I think my sentence made sense.

“Let me retype it for you, then:

I have (I’ve) not fucked many of the ‘insanely attractive’ (I am quoting your description of yourself here..) guys (males, men, boys) that I do know.  (As in guys that I know in real life.  I DO know them, versus you who I do not.)

So, if I won’t fuck them, and they are ‘insanely attractive’ (which can also be proven as I have seen their face..) Why do you think I would fuck *you* for that reason?

Does my sentence make better sense to you now?  :)  (<– this indicates this was not said bitchily.  It is a smiley face.)”

“I do not think you would.  whoever said i thought you would fuck me? putting words into my head now?  I hate to be a misogynistic asshole guy but sometimes my physiology gets the best of me.  Yeah I think you’re attractive and I would totally love to fuck you to be straightforward.”

“How have I put words in your head?  You asked if I was into younger guys and when I questioned that, you clarified by saying ‘I mean do you want a sexy athletic 22 year old to fuck your brains out or not?’   … Were you asking for a friend or something?”

“I never once implied the slightest that I thought you would fuck me.”

“I can’t imagine your logic was ‘There is no way she’ll ever have sex with me.. I better ask her to be sure.’ “

“I’m not sober.  Idk what I was thinking and I don’t like arguing so i’m done”

“Okay.  Have a nice life.”

“Feminazi.  Fuck off.”


Umm…… ???

White Boys Online Dating

1 Sep

Apparently some guys never grow up.

“Are you a virgin?”

Believe it or not,  this is a 28 year old male, and not a 14 year old boy.

“Wow.  That is absolutely none of your business.”

“But I’m curious.”

“Still none of your business.”

“Ok bye”

If any guy out there would care to explain to me why many of you seem to be fascinated with that question, please leave a comment.  Does an answer to that even matter?

Not a week went by before I got another charming message:

“Do you like giving head”

“Does anyone ever answer your ridiculous questions?”

“Yeah.  Casual sex isn’t going to happen if no one asked That’s why it’s called casual”

“You are so sadly mistaken.”

“Shut up bye virgin”


Wait… when did “virgin” become an insult?  Or is it only an insult one uses if they are one?

And.. just because I can–   His profile is pretty bare..  it says he has a shaved head, and that he has been online dating way too long.  Oddly enough, the majority of words is found under the “Message Me If” section which reads:  “Message me if you think we have anything in common and if you are serious about meeting someone.”  

No Bitterness Detected

29 Aug

Kudos to @DatingMary who came across this profile, that shows absolutely no hint of bitterness or frustration whatsoever:

About Me:

I am looking for a woman who will:

- Turn down the radio when I am driving in traffic to tell me about your friend who always seems to date the same types of jerks because she’s an idiot

- Change the playoff game so that you can watch a rerun of Gossip Girl

- Ask a lot of questions during movies

- Ensure everyone understands how bad animal products are

- Leave her face on my pillow case when she goes home so it’s like she’s still there


Inquire within.  Thank you.  Management


If you are applying, please include the following obligatory pictures of you:

- Kissing a dolphin

- In the color race

- Skydiving

- With a statue or wax figure

- By the pool or on the beach taking a picture of your “legs and feet”

- In your car from an angle so it shows the backseat…. preferably with a child in the back

- Taking a selfie with your cleavage being front and center while your profile clearly states you will not respond to booty calls or “hey sexy”

Extra credit for pictures of your dogs and cats by themselves, bonus points if they are dressed up

Geez… trouble in paradise much?

Aside from not being in the same part of the world, I wouldn’t be a good match with him, because I only have one of his required photos (which I am now considering removing..)

I certainly hope he finds what he is looking for.  Be careful what you wish for, ya’ll!


Online Dating A.D.D.

26 Aug

The following messages come from a gentleman who, according to his profile, is an intellectual:

“Love your profile”


“Want to get coffee some timr”

“Based merely on that you love my profile?”

“Ya.  I think he is thinking because you look kind of sassy”

“Oh.  Is that what he thinks?”

“Ya. I think you need one;)”

“Need one what?”

“A spanking”

“Wow. That’s rude.”

“I’m sorry. Giovanno”



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